This is our Erasmus + site. 

Although Pare Vitoria has a long experience in Erasmus + projects. In this site you could find a lot of details about our last Erasmus.

So,you should read this site before  participating in an Erasmus programme. It will help you to fill in our those sheets.

January, 2018

A teachers team from IES Pare Vitòria were very busy filling the Sepie documents for their Erasmus+ project.

January, 31st,2018

Sending our Erasmus+ KA1 form.

March, 9th,2018

The Pare Vitòria High School form was accepted by SEPIE.

May, 28th, 2018

Our Erasmus+ KA1 project got 91 points from 100.

June, 25th, 2018

Anna Pascual as Pare Vitòria High School Erasmus + Coordinator went to Logronyo to attend to Erasmus+ Seminar.

July, 3rd, 2018

Teachers participants in the Pare Vitoria Erasmus + project had a meeting to talk about the planification Erasmus + in this High School.

July, 23rd, 2018

Our Erasmus + project was recognised by Conselleria d’Educació, Investigació, Cultura i Esport.

August, 2018

Our High School opened Parevitoria_Erasmusplus Instagram.

September, 14th, 2018

We started our 2018-2019 course with students. It is time to start with our Eramus + activities.

September, 29th, 2018

First Erasmus + mobility: ITC in Bath.

November, 3rd, 2018

Second and Third Erasmus + mobilities: CLIL in Dublin.

From December, 10th, 2018

Erasmus+ training course for teachers who are involved in this project.

March, 27th, 2019

Fourth Erasmus+ mobility: Job shadowing in Rheine, Germany.

March, 31st, 2019

Fifth and Sixth Erasmus + mobilities: Training course + Job shadowing in Helsinki.

April, 21 st, 2019

Seventh Erasmus + mobility: Training course in Florence.

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